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by Brigita Slekys, L.Ac.

I NO-ROBOT, With all the automation in our world, its no wonder we are more anxious, depressed, and unhealthy as ever.  We have simple robotic solutions for most of our needs. But are they effective?


Simplifying solutions can be helpful, but not exactly sufficient when pertaining to ones health.  Have a logistical question? Send an email.  Need new shoes for your friend's wedding?  Try    Feeling ill? Bypass a true consult and pick up whatever remedy you find on a fake-health website. BUT know that your symptoms will more  likely I NO-ROBOT, return, possibly with a vengeance. Unless of course there is a solution involving the WHOLE body, using the WHOLE tool box.  Diet, lifestyle, and supplements being examples of these tools. It's not finding the one right tool for the job, but finding the perfect sequence of tools; and in the right combination.

Exercising automation in our lives may cause us to be treating our bodies as little robots as well.  If an actual robot has a shoulder malfunction, for example, we simply replace the shoulder and its components. There's built in programs to make such a replacement easy, smooth, and without causing the robot to end up standing crooked.  Robot parts are designed to move independently, automatically, with not much help or contribution from I NO-ROBOT, other parts.

  Unfortunately for humans, we are much more connected, intertwined, and dependent on our other parts.  Things are much trickier than just a joint transplant.  

I wish we were easy to compartmentalize and fix, but we really do require a Holistic approach, where by every problem in the body is related, connected, and treated.

Digestive complaints?  Treat the gut.  Buit did you know there's nerves connecting the gut to the brain??  If you don't address stress and emotions in addition to your actual intestines, your symptoms are sure to return.

                                                I NO-ROBOT,

I NO-ROBOT, Tooth pain?  Remedies can make minor improvements, but did you realize that your mouth and gums are part of your body's circulation system? Local treatment will not last unless the whole body is treated with appropriate supplements and lifestyle changes.

No energy?  It takes a little more than immediate caffeine or I NO-ROBOT, guarana to improve long term energy and stamina. Energy is a reflection of overall body health, including organ, muscle, and digestive metabolism.

Sleep? Sure, take a pill.  That will work for a bit, but the possible side effects and dependency that can evolve from this habit can take years to normalize. The organ stress involved in detoxing from sleeping meds is real, which makes it a less desirable option.  Habitual changes, along with diet and lifestylI NO-ROBOT, e shifts are the only avenue for a long term, non-addictive solution.

This list could go on forever, but you can see how multi-faceted each physical issue in our bodies can be.  Lets make sure to use all the tools in our toolboxes when treating our issues, and dig around for the root cause.

Be present with the symptoms, and honestly assess the severity accordingly, in all related life facets. Where does the pain go? What brings it on?  Does something make it better? Such questions, alongside professional knowledge (i.e. an Acupuncturist or Naturopathic Doctor) can further our understanding into our own health struggles.  Bring out ALL the tools; hammers, shovel, AND the level. So at least despite the digging we're still standing straight. 

.                                                                  I NO-ROBOT,


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