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Bloom where you're planted

by Brigita Slekys, L.Ac.

Bloom where you're planted,

Despite this saying's origin in a verse from Corinthians, it has more relevance to my life (and maybe yours?) now more than ever. BLOOM. Flourish, grow, overcome. Develop into that full, vibrant flower that you imagine yourself being.  

Not happy with your location, and want to move?? There's a website called Craigslist, Do it. Then pursue your goals.                                                                              Even Tiny flowers can grow through concrete. 

Bloom where you're planted, Hoping for a better job before you start developing your hobbies? Get out there, one Networking event at a time.

Wanting to improve your relationship before you tackle the promotion at work? You DO know there's Marriage and family psychologists practically on every block. AND

But wait, are you putting off your own DESTINY? Funny (well, more depressing actually) how fussing over details can distract us from our true larger goals. The true BLOOM.  

Bloom where you're planted,

You may go to bed 20 years old with a head full of goals and dreams, then wake up 40 with an empty purpose. Maybe that's why there are so many Life Coaches these days, to help us focus on starting towards our goals despite the noise, the obstacles, the CONCRETE.  

Amazing things have happened in doomed situations where success seemed impossible. Refugees with no homes got jobs and started families in foreign lands.   Like-minded parents formed communities promoting healthy organic lifestyles and then a whole movementBloom where you're planted, was created. People reversed their health conditions with persistent life changes, emerging healthier than ever.  

Even my own mother learned to text and is now using email, so really ANYTHING is possible.

Its true our surroundings, timing, relationships may never be ideal. Waiting around for them is like waiting for Prince Charming, or some other fairy tale. Create your own tale, and see what lies in its conclusion. Flowers need only water, nutrients, and sun, so pick a garden patch and GROW! Bloom where you're planted,



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