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Trusting Las Vagus

by Brigita Slekys, L.Ac.

Ever wonder why the term “Follow your Gut” or “Brain Gut Connection” exists?  Trusting Las Vagus, The answer comes from the one of the first anatomical structures developed in our bodies while in the womb; the Vagus Nerve.  This huge nerve, coming directly from the brain, connects to our abdomen via the neck, chest, and intestines, innervating and controlling our hearts, breathing, and digestion.

This nerve, (which actually splits into 2, a left and right side) acts as a RESET button, and allows your body to return to relaxation mode after a stress response. 

                                              Trusting Las Vagus,

Functions involved in this ‘reset’ include the heart rate slowing down, our respiration rate returning to normal,our digestion resuming function, and our immune systems regulating.

But these super-important, life sustaining tasks only account for about 20% of the Function of the Vagus Nerve.  What about the other 80%??

            It sends information from the GUT to the BRAIN.

Trusting Las Vagus, WHY on earth does 80% of one of the LARGEST nerves in our bodies send information to our brains about our Large Intestine, of all places??  Isn’t that a bit of a gamble?  Our bodies do not take risks.  Odds are, there is something of value in the depths of our guts.  Something so valuable that there is a dedicated nerve highway for communication straight to the brain.  Almost like the abdomen is the brain’s sneak peek; a representation of the state our body.

Perhaps it has to do with the discovery that 95% of the body’s Serotonin (Feel good chemical) is being found in the gut? Trusting Las Vagus,  

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that only with a relaxed abdomen can we properly digest and absorb food?

Perhaps it’s also because our immune response is linked to the health of our large intestines?

These inter-intestinal facts have fueled researchers to further investigate the Trusting Las Vagus, complicated functions of the gut, and why it seems to trump other body systems in importance, like an Ace of hearts.  It’s no coincidence that digestive health and pro-biotic activity are seemingly correlated, and that improved digestive health reflects in many aspects of the body; including facial complexion, immune function, and the ability to make calm, clear decisions.

                                              Trusting Las Vagus,

Don’t gamble with your health, listen to your gut.

Trust in Las Vagus.


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