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Feeling Verklempt?

by Brigita Slekys, L.Ac.

Feeling Verklempt?, I've never before felt a parallel between my home needing repairs and my own health. I mean, a leaky roof does NOT mean a leaky brain,(right?) and a broken heater does NOT mean you will evolve to become a cold blooded reptile.

This particular occurence, however, happening just at the brink of the much awaited 2017, is actually not just house-related, but reflective of some deeper accumulation. Perhaps a slow collection of ideas, dreams, and aspirations clogging up the root of my existence, not being able to move smoothly. Perhaps too many goals for Feeling Verklempt?, the new year. Too many ideas all at once. Perhaps too much cheddar-gruyere with my baguette. Stunted by fear, denials, and the aforementioned white bread, my true destiny has been denied. Stuck, in a bottle neck.

Similarily, my 1942 sewer pipe has not been able to see past some sizeable occlusions.

Feeling Verklempt?, Thirsty roots, decades of sludge, and pipe corrosion has made it impossible for this system do its job: waste removal.   That's right, epic sewer back-up. So, efficient waste removal.....isn't that EXACTLY what we humans need as well???

Unable to move past these accumulated obstacles of negative self talk, I myself have been backed up not in sewer drainage, but in my own creativity. Without room, freedom, and smooth pipes we become stunted, and 'verklempt' as Mike Myers put it in 1992.   Feeling Verklempt?,  

Holding in our breaths, afraid that our whole system may blow with an addition of yet one more idea, we stop- in silence- until the feeling of possibly daunting change dissipates, and we can return to our complacent selves, denying expansion. Denying true FLOW.

The parallel of our own 'waste removal' is obvious, as we need to remove from our physical bodies daily build up of sludge. When this basic disposal system is not functioning we can indeed incur painful symptoms that need immediate attention. Drinking more water, getting a minimum 25 grams of fiber, and raising that heart rate for half an hour a day will help. I think that's why this emoticon is smiling. He's sweating!

                                                              Feeling Verklempt?,

But even with this physical removal we need to also make sure our emotional pipes are clear. Are we suppressing emotions that may help us grow? Are we overwhelmed by aspirations and endeavors, old and new, that may never come to fruition?Feeling Verklempt?,

The New Year is a good time to assess our FLOW. We should inspect what is running through our systems, and maintain clear pathways for proper movement. Out with the old, in with the new. Only with this room can we EXPAND.  

                          Feeling Verklempt?,      

My plumber agreed 75 years was a good time for new sewer pipes.  I'd say for us humans it should be, well MUCH less. More like 75 hours. Maybe even every 7.5 minutes.

Oh my, I'm starting to feel verklempt- Discuss!


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