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Community Acupuncture

To save on costs, time, and resources, group or community style Acupuncture is a wonderful way to benefit from the powertful attributes of this ancient medicine. 

Come on in for a 60min session, Fridays at Cocoon, from 11-1pm for only $40 to experience healing sounds, a comforting atmosphere, and the calming energy of Acupuncture to help reset your nervous system and deepen your sense of intention and clarity.  Please send a note on Appointments page, or feel free to text me for this special 60 min appointment (scheduling improvements coming soon).

Brigita Slekys, L.Ac. MSAOM
Licensed ACUpuncturist _____________
Ste #230
Santa monica, ca 90403
          office 310-829-7339          ____________
                    FRIDAYS                              cocoon healing arts              1030 #C Montana Ave.              Santa Monica, CA 90403                  cell 310-753-4899                              ______________